The Linnius Campaign

The Linnius Campaign is a Dux Britanniarum campaign run between myself and Andy Hawes. This document contains a timeline of the campaign to date, and links to all of the various in- and out-of-character accounts of the events.

February 472AD

The Saxons under Aelfric sail to Petvaria, a jumping off point for their raids on Caer Lind Colon. The British prepare for war.

British: 3
Saxons: 1

March 472AD 

The Defence of Bleddig's Farm. The Saxons attempt to raid a small farm, but Aelfric breaks off the raid rather than risk getting slaughtered by Andrusius' men. He has a fairly spectacular row with Ecgwine afterwards.

British: 4
Saxons: 1
A +2 win to the British. OOC battle reports: Mike, Andy

April 472AD

Lord Andrusius is promoted to Praefect, and builds a watchtower on the borders of Caer Lind Colon. The Saxons lick their wounds, and Ecgwine finds himself a girlfriend.

British: 0
Saxons: 1

May 472AD

The Saxons raid the Chapel of St. Cadwyr, and despite successfully making off with a barrel of communion wine and the Holy Knucklebone of St, Cadwyr, do not perform well. Aelfric is not amused.

British: 0
Saxons: 2
A +1 win to the Saxons. OOC battle reports: Mike, Andy

June/July 472AD

The Saxons recuperate from their somewhat Pyrrhic victory.

August 472AD

A raid on one of Praefect Andrusius' newly constructed watchtowers results in the capture of the British Decurio Geraint, and subsequent ransoming back to the British.

British: 0
Saxons: 3
A +2 win to the Saxons. OOC battle reports: Mike

October 472AD

The Saxons take the opportunity of an unopposed raid in Caer Lind Colon. 

British: 0
Saxons: 5

January 473AD

The Saxons winter in Petvaria, paying a tithe to Wulfhere the Red for use of his steading.

British: 0
Saxons: 4

March 473AD

A raid on the village of Storicum-by-Humbre goes drastically wrong, resulting in a serious defeat for the Saxons and the death of Leofric the Drunkard. Andrusius (due to the actions of Geraint, in part) is named the Impaler.

British: 3
Saxons: 4
A +5 win for the British. OOC battle reports: Mike, Andy

April 473AD

Andrusius constructs more watchtowers. The Saxons recuperate, and Beornwulf, Wulfhere's bastard son, is recruited to lead a warband.

British: 0
Saxons: 4

June 473AD

The Saxons raid Stelling-on-Humbre, a much more successful raid with surprisingly light casualties on both sides.

British: 0
Saxons: 5
A +2 win for the Saxons: OOC battle reports: Mike, Andy

August 473AD

A British baggage train is intercepted by the Saxons, to considerable success. Aelfric distributes some of the Saxons' gains amongst his hearthguard and is named Warlord. The scop (bard) Oswulf joins the Saxon force.

British: 0
Saxons: 1
A +4 win for the Saxons. OOC battle reports: Mike, Andy

October 473AD

The Saxons mount an unopposed raid.

British: 0
Saxons: 3

January 473AD

The Saxons winter in Petvaria, paying a tithe to Wulfhere the Red for use of his steading.

British: 0
Saxons: 2

March 474AD

The Saxons bring the Britons to battle at Heatham Wold, with the aid of some Irish mercenaries. The British make a stand on a hill, are surrounded and thoroughly routed, and the Saxons lay siege to the provincial capital of Linnius.

British: 0
Saxons: 5
A +5 win for the Saxons, at cost of 2 for the mercenaries. OOC battle reports: Mike, Andy

October 474AD

The British attempt to lift the seige by bringing the Saxons to battle, drawn up on a hill outside Linnius. By dint of some preparation, the Saxons are more than able to drive them off and capture the city.

British: 0
Saxons: 7
A +2 (only) win for the Saxons. OOC report: MikeAndy

November 474AD-February 475AD

Aelfric is proclaimed King, and starts building a hall in Linnius.

British: 0
Saxons: 0 (3 spread amongst the hearthguard, 4 to build the Hall)

March 475AD

A raid on a watchtower: the Saxons flatter to deceive, and the Britons narrowly escape with a win.

OOC reports: Mike, Andy

May 475AD

The Saxons go raiding in the fens, and despite a strong initial showing, manage to scrape a defeat from the jaws of victory.

OOC reports: Mike, Andy

August 475AD

Once again, the Saxons pick on a supposedly defenceless church. Once again they fail.

OOC report: Mike

September 475AD-February 476AD

The Saxons overwinter in Linnius.

March 476AD

Aelfric leads a raid on a caravan headed for a British fort. It doesn't go well.

June 476AD

Rumours of a legendary white stag lead both the Saxons and British to hunt for it.

OOC reports: Mike, Andy.

August/September 476AD

The Saxons attempt to raid a caravan carrying a British holy relic.

OOC reports: Andy

October 476AD

An ill-fated boar hunt is interrupted by the British.

Winter 477 AD

The Saxons overwinter in Caer Lind Colon. Beornwulf goes back to break news to Ecgwine's father, returns with reinforcements.


The Saxons:
  • Godric, Aelfric's champion and our narrator
  • Aelfric, leader of the Saxons
  • Leofric the Drunkard
  • Ecgwine, son of Ecgfrith, cousin to Aelfric
  • Wulfhere the Red, lord of Petvaria, where the Saxons wintered for a couple of seasons
  • Lavinia, from Petvaria, British heritage - occasional narrator
  • Theobald, veteran of Aelfric's hearth guard and mentor to Ecgwine
  • Beornwulf, bastard son of Wulfhere the Red
  • Sithric, young archer 
  • Ecgfrith - Saxon king across the North Sea, Ecgwine's father
  • 'old' Martha - servant to Wulfhere in Petvaria.
  • Gytha - one of Ecgfrith's warriors, old flame of Godric's
  • Deorwine - one of Ecgfrith's warriors
The British:
  • Andrusius, Praefectus
  • Maximus Minimus
  • Geraint
  • Bedwyr, Andrusius' late champion
  • Mascuidius, King of Caer Lind Colun
  • Publius Librarius, chronicler and Andy's narrator

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