Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Venice and Chef-du-Pont

An odd combination, but they do have in common the fact that they're wetter than supposedly dry land should be.

Had half an hour spare after work to do a bit of prep for tomorrow, when hopefully we're having a painting session on the TT Combat Venetian Quarter set I picked up at Salute and Rob from the club very kindly assembled while I was in the US.

Gallery with captions below.
A stack of Venetian streets of various sizes and angles.
A fair-sized chunk of Venice.
Two spare 4'x2' MDF boards - a rough spray of Plastikote sea blue and an overspray of a muddy green (a spare can of Flames of War Sherman Drab), May well be used for Chef-du-Pont too. At some point they'll get several layers of tough gloss varnish.
First cut at a street section. AP Fur Brown spray, followed by a misting of AP Matt Black from a distance. Then I masked off the brickwork, and undercoated the rest with Halfords grey spray primer. Once dry, to finish the brickwork I used a light wash of Woodlands Scenics Concrete poster paint to pick out the mortar and accentuate the odd brick a bit, and then the bottom couple of courses were liberally washed with AP Military Shade. On top I picked out a few paving slabs with 4Ground Pale and Dark Stone.
 Final touch, a light wash with Vallejo Sepia (I'm almost out and I missed the Amazon next day delivery time by 10 mins! Grrr!) just to knock back the starkness of the greys.

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